Dermokosmetyki do pielegnacji dłoni

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Nail conditioner – individually wearable fingernail masks

Provides long-term hydration and regeneration for hands; nourishes and eliminates rough skins.

Regenerating hand serum

Concentrated cream that relieves rough and excessively dry hand skin.

Satin hand mousse 100 ml

Light creamy mousse for all hand skin types, also delicate and irritated.

Hand mask including gloves with gommage (2-step rejuvenating treatment)

Rejuvenating 30-minute hand treatment composed of gel gommage and comfortable single-use mask gloves. Gommage exfoliating formula contains apple and citrus fruit extracts that remove dead skin cells and impurities from hands.

Moisturising hand, nail and cuticle cream

Light hand and cuticle cream with intense smoothing effect, slowing down skin aging processes.

How to take good care of your hands
Home care
Step by step

There are multiple hand care products - the success is to choose the right one and to use it properly and on a regular basis. All the basic steps of manicure may be performed at home, without having to see nail professional.

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