Łatwa pielęgnacja paznokci i dłoni na co dzień

How to take good care of your hands

There are multiple hand care products – the success is to choose the right one and to use it properly and on a regular basis.

All the basic steps of manicure may be performed at home, without having to see nail professional.

There are multiple hand care products - the success is to choose the right one and to use it properly and on a regular basis. All the basic steps of manicure may be performed at home, without having to see nail professional. We can choose among peelings, traditional creams, masks, mousses and many other solutions.

A perfect beginning for the treatment are peelings, both, the heavy ones, rich in oils, and those with delicate abrasives - preferably natural, such as salt, sugar, coffee. Also, shea butter and citrus fruit-based masks are beneficial for hands. We suggest how to make manicure at home using SheHand cosmetics. Follow the 4 steps.

Pielęgnacja dłoni w domowym SPA


If your hands are extremely dry or rough you may start with a bath, and soak your hands for several minutes in whole milk with a spoon of honey, or in marigold and camomile infusion that would regenerate the skin.

There are several home-made scrub solutions (sugar, salt, coffee), however, to save time and obtain a deep effect, we created a ready-to-use treatment, with the first step including gommage exfoliating formula. The dorsal side of the hand is thin and sensitive, that is why our exfoliation is based on enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells and cause no irritations.

The product is very safe but if you have a very chapped hand skin, any scrub may provide additional irritation, so in such a case we recommend to skip this step.

SheHand gommage exfoliating formula contains apple and citrus fruit extracts that remove dead skin cells and impurities from hands. It fully removes dead skin cells by “rubbing”, already after approximately one minute.

Domowy peeling do rąk z kawy lub soli


The mask step delivers deep skin hydration and restores balance. SheHand mask are single-use gloves that are worn for 20-30 minutes. You may keep performing other activities including computer work.

We combined grapefruit extract, urea and shea butter that nourish and smooth hands, and make them look much younger.

Active ingredients penetrating into deeper skin layers leave the skin hydrated, soft and silky for a long time.

After you remove the gloves, massage the remains of the mask into the skin. You may wipe the excess with a paper towel. Recommended for use once weekly.

Odżywcza maska w formie rękawiczek na dłonie


The last step of complementary care is cream application. SheHand offers a selection of 3 creams: regenerating serum, light moisturising cream and a novelty on the Polish market: delicate satin mousse - choose one of them to fit what your hands need.

Satin hand mousse is a light creamy mousse for all skin types, also delicate and irritated. Provides long-term hydration and regeneration, nourishes and eliminates rough skin. Perfect to finish home SPA for your hands.

If you have very rough and chapped skin, choose a thick regenerating serum, rich in oils and algae. Also soap that we use at least several times daily may leave your hands parched. The serum helps to restore the protective barrier, i.e. the hydrolipidic film which is removed by detergents.

For hands that are in good condition, prone to dryness, use a moisturising cream with magnolia stem cells. Apply also on nails and cuticles.

Domowe zabiegi na dłonie z serum regenerującym Shehand

STEP 4: Nail care

Strong detergents and excessive water exposure, as well as currently popular hybrid, gel or acrylic manicure are dangerous for nails. All the above make the nail plate excessively dry, which results in brittle and split nails. Nails are also affected by our general health status. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies rapidly provoke eruptions, white spots and other problems that need to be consulted with a dermatologist. Do not expect them to disappear spontaneously.

A very important step in nail care is nail plate moistening. Nails, like skin, need water and minerals to regenerate and rebuild them. The product that has been known for many years is castor oil; it boosts growth and strengthens the nails. It is readily available and safe to use. It may be used on a daily basis, preferably before bedtime, on clean nail plate with nail polish removed. Keratin, vitamin E or olive oil are beneficial too. If you need a fast and comfortable nail care method, you may be interested in an innovative conditioner - SheHand individually wearable fingernail masks.

The mask contains ceramides and is rich in oils and fruit extracts. Apply comfortable individually wearable fingernail masks on your fingers for 30-60 minutes to see your cuticles regenerated and your nail look improved. During this time, you may keep performing other activities, using touch screens included.

Hands require regular care that we need to work on. We need to get into liking to take care of ourselves. Let’s open the skin before cream application to prepare it for what is best in creams. Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a scrub and move on to mask application. Consider it as a treatment and a vital shot for your hands. At the end, use a cream that will form a protective film and restore the lipid layer of the skin. Seems very little but the effect is guaranteed. Do not forget to moisturise your body from the inside out. This combination will eliminate problems and will keep your skin soft and elastic.

Maseczka wzmacniająca kruche i łamliwe paznokcie
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