Moisturising hand, nail and cuticle cream

Light hand and cuticle cream with intense smoothing effect, slowing down skin aging processes.

Product description

Tiger grass extract makes the skin more supple and has a regenerating effect on nails and cuticles.

Enriched with red algae extract that keep the skin hydrated for a long time. The cream is readily absorbed, it slows down the aging processes. Satin-smooth skin effect guaranteed.



Dermatologically tested.


Directions for use

Apply the cream on clean hand skin. Rub until fully absorbed. Use several times daily.

Contained in a practical pump bottle. Two pack sizes available: 50 ml, to be easily carried in a handbag, and 200 ml, to be kept in the bathroom, on the desk or night table.


Magnolia Sieboldii stem cells – slow down skin aging process

Shea butter – fast absorbing, prevents skin from drying out, strengthens skin hydrolipidic film

Glycerine – can penetrate through stratum corneum, protects deep skin layers from water loss

Coconut oil – has strong emollient properties, ideal for moisturising dry skin

Tiger grass (Centella Asiatica) extract – accelerates growth and regenerates the nail plate. Tones down the irritated cuticles, increases skin elasticity.

Red algae extract – rich in calcium and magnesium, keeps hydrolipidic balance and strengthens skin protective barriers

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