Nail conditioner – individually wearable fingernail masks

Provides long-term hydration and regeneration for hands; nourishes and eliminates rough skins.

Product description

Comfortable individually wearable fingernail masks regenerate cuticles and improve nail look while you are involved in other activities. Especially recommended for brittle and fragile nails strained by hybrid nail polishes.



Dermatologically tested.


Directions for use

Wash and dry your hands. Open the pouch and tear off individual fingernail masks along the perforation. Put on the fingers, ensure the tissue is on the nail side, and leave for 30-60 minutes. You can wear them while using the computer or touch screens. Finally, remove the masks and massage the remaining product into the cuticles.

Do not use the masks before the beauty salon manicure as the product provides the fingernails with an oily film which can prevent polish from adhering correctly.



Argan oil – nourishes and accelerates skin renewal, improves nail plate look

Macadamia oil – fortifies brittle and fine nails

Coconut extract – moisturises and softens cuticles

Jojoba oil – restores shine to nails, protects nails from external factors

Almond oil – smooths and moisturises

Ceramides – natural ingredient of skin lipids, important binder of epidermal cells

Fruit (orange, grapefruit and cherry) extracts – rich in vitamin C that hydrates dry cuticles

Elastin – promotes nail elasticity

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