Regenerating hand serum

Concentrated cream that relieves rough and excessively dry hand skin.

Product description

Rich formula based on shea butter, urea (5% concentration) and natural oils.

Protects against environmental factors and prevents dehydration. Makes the skin more supple and elastic when used daily, protects the skin from harmful effects of detergents and hand sanitisers. 94% of the product are natural ingredients.



Dermatologically tested.


Directions for use

Apply on cleansed hand skin at least once daily, especially when tight and dried skin feels uncomfortable.

Contained in a practical pump bottle. Two pack sizes available: 50 ml, to be easily carried in a handbag, and 200 ml, to be kept in the bathroom, on the desk or night table.


Shea butter – prevents skin from drying out, strengthens its hydrolipidic film

Urea – increases active substance absorption, has a moisturising and softening effect

Macadamia oil – softens and regenerates the skin, is very well absorbed.

Jojoba oil – regenerates, penetrates into deeper skin layers

Allantoin – soothes irritations, relieves chapped and dry skin.

Glycerine – protects from water loss, can penetrate through stratum corneum

Panthenol – accelerates regeneration process, penetrates inside the skin, has strong moisturising properties

Prebiotic complex – strengthens skin’s protective barrier the balance of which may be disturbed due to pollution and cleaning agents

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