Satin hand mousse 100 ml

Light creamy mousse for all hand skin types, also delicate and irritated.

Product description

Provides long-term hydration and regeneration for hands; nourishes and eliminates rough skins.



Dermatologically tested.


Directions for use

Massage a small amount of the mousse into clean hand skin. Shake the container before use. Keep in a vertical position when dispensing.

Use several times daily.


Sugar beet amino acid – keeps the skin well hydrated, soothes irritations

Urea – strong moisturiser, helps absorb other active ingredients

Avocado oil – contains vitamins A, E and D that prevent skin dryness, has moisturising properties

Vitamin E – regenerates skin and nails, makes the skin look young, has antioxidative properties

Allantoin – stimulates skin regeneration

Panthenol (provitamin B5) – improves hydration, reduces skin irritations and redness.

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