Woman’s hands tell everything about her

Hands can tell everything about us – they reflect the way we take care of our body, as well as our condition.

Our age is often judged by how our hands look like. They certainly deserve to be paid attention every day. At the end of the day our hands are the most important tool that we use for work, creative activities and care for other people. We use them to shape the world around us.

They should be taken care of on a regular basis, using specialised products since hand skin is delicate and very thin. It has no fatty layer and little sebaceous glands, therefore that is where we observe the first signs of the passing time, sometimes even faster than on the face. We can slow the process down using adequate care adapted to individual skin needs.

For that reason, we created SheHand - a line of specialised hand cosmetics rich in natural ingredients that penetrate deep inside the skin and slow down the aging processes.

Forget one cream used all year round as the only care tool. It might also be difficult to achieve the results if you use cosmetics only when the condition of the skin is already poor. It is better to prevent and focus on regularity.

Effective hand care means regular actions; therefore, it is worth making it your daily ritual. Thanks to SheHand these everyday moments may be very pleasant.

SheHand are products for demanding women that want more than a regular hand cream. Vegan dermo-cosmetics based on shea butter, rich in active ingredients such as oils or algae, effectively rejuvenate hands and slow down skin aging.

Try our cosmetics and learn how to effectively take care of your hands using appropriate products. We like to take care of the skin because a nice look means good comfort.

It’s in your hands.

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